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01 Branding

The challenge

Vitorog is one of Serbia's largest furniture companies on the market. When approaching their brand reinvention, we kept in mind our client's desire to have themselves distinguished as offering a unique blend of superior quality and affordable prices.

Such a combination being rare among the top market competitors, our main challenge was to communicate this defining characteristic to the consumers.

It is for this reason that we determined to use the checkmark symbol for their logotype, as it represents a perfect synthesis of an association to discounts, as well as to verified and approved quality.

The solution


Corporate colors

  • C 25 M 15 Y 21 K 54
  • C 25 M 15 Y 21 K 54
  • C 25 M 15 Y 21 K 54


02 Web design

The idea

Our approach to design was to incorporate the guarantee of enduring quality through the means of a flat, modern visual style and the subtle use of the checkmark symbol from the logotype.

Above all, we aspired to create the ambiance of a furniture store on the website, additionally highlighted by a 3D virtual tour of their most prominent showroom.


full image

Home page

Category page

Product page

03 Back-end


The back-end section of the website is entirely user-friendly and easy to navigate. Our primary focus was to efficiently set up discount and product sales tags, as this was our client's main request.


Responsive views

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