X Gymnasium

Branding, Web design

01 Branding

The challenge

X Gymnasium is one of the oldest schools in Serbia, with a long-lasting tradition dating back to the times of aristocracy.

Keeping in mind that this is the aspect of their identity they chose to accentuate, the objective was to come up with a logotype which would give out a timeless vibe and yet manage to look current regardless of trends.

A particular challenge was the requirement for the logotype to make sense in both Serbian Cyrillic and Serbian Latin alphabets.

The solution

* cyrilic "G"




02 Web design

The idea

The purpose of the website is mainly practical, as it provides a detailed up-to-date overview of information necessary for current and future students, as well as their parents.

The design is carried out in a clear and unassuming manner and it is entirely in the service of the content, subtly outlining everything that the establishment has to offer.

Home page

Inside page

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