Branding, Web design, Back-end

01 Branding

The challenge is among the most popular regional websites on the topic of recipes. It was after they gained their significant user base that the need for their brand reinvention arose.

The primary question was how to keep the site's characteristic homely appearance while improving on its somewhat dated design, all without alienating the considerable following of users already accustomed to it.

The solution was to enhance the visual experience and keep the familiar welcoming essence.

Logotype ideas

Chosen logotype

02 Web design

The idea

Given the topic of the website, we resolved to make the aesthetics its cornerstone. The individual elements were composed with meticulous care, and we made sure that the design is always supported by the functionality behind it.

The intention was to draw particular attention to call-to-action buttons and links, and present the functionality as an intuitive process, which is not only easy on the eye but also easy to use.

Home page

Recipe page


By devising a customized CAPTCHA system, suitable for the site's general atmosphere, we transformed an otherwise tedious task into a playful experience.

The user is required to place the right object onto the plate.

03 Back-end


The back-end section of the website relies on an efficient system, tailor-made for the purposes of withstanding a great number of submitted recipes, comments and registered users.


Recipes list


As was an already existing website, the client expressed a wish to keep all their previous content on the new site as well.

In order to do that, we wrote scripts to convert over 2.000 users, 5.000 recipes and 8.000 comments from Joomla to our customized CMS solution.

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