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01 Branding

The challenge

When approaching this project, we were tasked with rebranding the company in a manner which would present Okov, the largest tool and home decor retailer in Montenegro, as a cohesive whole with a clear identity.

The challenge in this was establishing a comprehensive image that would be easy to remember, and which would integrate the wide scope of products ranging from specialized tools and toolkits to the latest trends in home decoration.

The solution

We opted for a combination of symbols directly associated with the two main kinds of target audiences: professional handymen and home-repair enthusiasts. On top of that, our desire was to encompass the longevity of the brand's existence and its beginnings as a singular family store with a close-knit quality to it.

Logotype variants

Business card


02 Web design

The idea

The intention was to build a website in line with the corporate identity guidelines, placing a particular emphasis on users' most frequent requirements. We have given priority to the aspects of the company most appealing to the customers and provided easy accessibility from any device.


full image

Home page

Responsive views

Products page

Single product page

03 Back-end


Taking into consideration the complex architecture of the website's back-end, we aspired to reduce the number of clicks required to perform its key actions.

Perhaps the biggest challenge was connecting the CMS database with the bookkeeping app and making sure that the prices are always up-to-date.


Responsive views


One of the website's most taxing issues was inefficiency regarding the time that the administrators spend manually updating product prices.

We resolved this by automating the task through the simple click of a button, thus allowing them to focus on providing quality content and not concern themselves with price changes.

Product groups

Product page

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