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01 Website

The idea

Rarely does a project come along whose concept is well-rounded yet elastic. This is what has made GuidiGO such a gratifying experience.

Possibly the biggest challenge in approaching GuidiGO was translating its vast variety of content into an easily accessible tool, which reflects the main characteristic of their product: simplicity.

That guided tours are simple to create and use with their system is GuidiGO's main message, and the entire user experience is in service of this idea. To further cater to it, the website's design is responsive and adjusted for different devices and screen sizes.

Home page

Responsive views

Custom inputs

Given the authentic quality of the idea, we aimed to come up with innovative input solutions for the website. Every control type is custom-built and carefully tested.
One example of this are the flyout pop-ups seen below.

Tour stop demo page

02 Studio app


Behind GuidiGO Studio is the most progressive tour-creating system. This title is supported by an extensive list of features, allowing users to transform standard tours into stimulating experiences.

The means we put at their disposal are: geolocation, game-building, multimedia editing, multi-language support, analytics, and many others. This is, without exaggeration, the most demanding piece of software we have written so far.

GuidiGO Studio explained

Various interface elements


In collaboration with GuidiGO's in-house designer and developer, we've constructed a user-friendly solution for the synchronization of images and sounds.

VisualSync™ example

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